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Rob Jungmann could be considered the godfather of hemp, no He's not a one man growing machine, but He does know how to make fine garments from the robust fibre. Since founding Manastash in 1993 and later Jungmaven in 2005 Rob has consistently campaigned and developed alternative fabrics in fashion. 

Rob's vision is to "get everyone in a Hemp T-Shirt by 2020" which will have positive environmental impact through mass farming of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp manufacture is the absolute reverse of most other industrialised crop growth. Hemp cleans oxygen, water and nourishes the land, using almost no pesticides and needing a fraction of the water that it takes to grow the same weight in cotton.

Unfortunately, industrial hemp is illegal to grow in most parts of the world. Activists, businesses and farmers alike are working hard to get the laws changed, but government agencies continue to mistakenly associate it with marijuana. Jungmaven imports its high-quality hemp fabric from China, currently the world’s largest producer of industrial hemp.

In 2010, Jungmaven launched a campaign, Hemp 2020, to help raise awareness around the positive environmental impacts of hemp farming. The campaign’s vision is to “get everyone in a hemp t-shirt by 2020.” As we all become more aware of the effects our choices have on the world around us, we have become more willing to spend money on products that have a positive impact. We've reached a tipping point in the climate change conversation and are at the forefront of a shift toward conscious consumption. Hemp 2020 aims to get industrial hemp legal state by state, country by country. Its efforts are to help slow climate change by growing hundreds of thousands of acres of hemp to be used for food, homes, cars, paper, plastics, textiles, fuel and more.

To date, Jungmann has sold or given away approximately 1.5 million hemp products, furthering the company’s mission to raise hemp awareness

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