This is Little 6'8" Larry and those are a pair of 46" Painter pants. 

And yes he does plays basketball.

Little Larry is the Grandson of Earl Beard who founded Earls Apparel back in '72

"Big Earl" cut his teeth in the 50s and 60s fixing up sewing machines for a company called Allee work clothes in Crockett, Texas, over the years he managed operations but in early '71 Allee was sold and the new owners work ethic and philanthropic morals did not match that of Mr Allee, so Earl quit taking is best machinist with him.

Earls apparel started pretty small, but Big Earl knew a thing or two about making trousers and quickly grew a solid reputation within the workwear industry, contract manufacturing workwear for bigger american companies whilst cannily buying up old mid century machines from companies going out of business.

Growing rapidly through the 70s and 80s Earls three factories with 300 staff across the texan towns of Crockett, Ladylove and Trinity fulfilled a growing demand from the USA and Japan for the in house brands Stan Ray, Gung Ho, Earls Jeans, and Jungle Khaki.

Today Earls make all their pants out of the Crockett facility most are made using original mid century machines including Union Specials and Singers.

The business is still family owned and operated with Earls Sons Big Larry, Gary, Stan and his daughter Jeanne running in business.

Big Earls Top Texas Picks.

Favourite Song: Marie Laveau By Bobby Bare

Favourite Movie: Hondo feat. John Wayne

First Car : 55 Mercury Monterrey in Yellow

Texas Team: Dallas Mavericks

and no Big Earl never wanted to be a Cowboy